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Las pecas no se han eliminado, pero si se han aclarado muchísimo; sin embargo, estoy casi segura que ésto se debe al uso del protector solar mas que otra cosa.Ésta crema se la recomiendo a chicas de piel grasosa que hayan probado la Nivea Soft y les parezca muy grasienta, tal vez les sentaría muy bien.

También es recomendable para las chicas con piel normal que se aplican siempre protector solar antes de la crema, y les resulta muy grasoso aplicarse una crema humectante sobre el protector. Si ese es tu caso te recomiendo que hagas como yo: aplica un protector solar de factor alto y luego una crema como la Nivea Soft; de ésta manera humectarás tu piel y el protector solar la ayudará a emparejar de tono naturalmente.

Tal vez les funcionará muy bien a las chicas de piel grasosa, pero como les digo, no fue mi caso.

En cuanto al efecto blanqueador, siendo honesta no noté nada especial.

Tony Kamph by having his name applied to a new selenite species.

Alfredopetrovite, a hydrated aluminum selenite was first found at the El Dragon mine in Potosi, Bolivia.

I also scrounged up some pretty cool specimens of xenotime-Y from Novo Horizonte.

I also found one specimen of the very rare polymetallic species almeidaite.

There was an Indian dealer set up who had some very nice specimens of quartz var. I picked out the best five he had including two rarely seen matrix specimens from the Karur find.

Rhombic crystals have been only one other time at the Kalahari mines. The exact mine location will be provided with any purchased specimen.

But until Paul has been able to fully exploit any other possible pocket the locality can not be presented in any published form. He also had some small specimens of shgiaite on rhodochrosite.

First up is the new find of Rhodochrosite from the Kalahari Mn Fields. Everyone knows of the stunning deep red crystals of rhodochrosite as scalenohedral crystals.

He had a small find in an isolated pod of pink rhombic crystals of rhodochrosite. They were costly but they represent the rarest form of rhodchrosite from the mines.

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